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Friday, June 03, 2005


Alright, we've been away from Ann Arbor for a little while but we are back so a quick update on what we've noticed around town:

* Smoothie King still isn't open. We thought that the whole point of opening a franchise is that it comes in a box and all you have to do is open it up.
* Sweetwaters Cafe's first franchise location (at the Kerrytown Shops) is also not yet open (they were supposed to open in April... tick tock).
* Gelato di Roma, right next to Smoothie King, isn't open yet but they've got a lot of tearing up to do to their building. Thus far, they've installed big panes of glass where the walls used to be.

State Street area:
* Looks like the failure of a one-item Asian restaurant (Teryaki Grill) hasn't prevented some entrepreneurs from opening a two-item Indian restaurant (Pita Kabob Grill, or Pita Kabob something, it slips my mind). They're open for business.
* Harry's Army Surplus is under heavy construction now as they prepare to put in an Aveda salon (or so we've heard). That way the graduates from the Aveda institute can stick their comb in their holster and go up the street to start their careers.

Main Street area:
* Nothing to report thus far. Although Firefly Club has a large red sign out front now advertising their nightly jazz shows. It's a huge red banner. Gigantic.