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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Coming Soon:
McKinley Towne Centre, Liberty Street (between Division and Fifth)

Check out Arbor Update for a review of the new plans for what used to be the TCF Bank building. Looks like more chain restaurants, though. Pretty soon Ann Arbor will look like a highway truck stop.

Franchise Invasion:
Gelato di Roma, Fourth Avenue (between Ann and Catherine)

What could be a better fit next to People's Co-op and Cafe Verde than two new franchises (Smoothie King (see past entries) and now Gelato di Roma)? The new term for this sort of neighboring of polar opposites--"Bivouac-ing." As in, the two sides of Bivouac: on the one hand an outdoors store and on the other hand a designer clothing store.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Coming Soon:
Cool Waves, on South University
American Apparel, Liberty Street (between State and Division)

The Michigan Business Review brings news this week of two new clothing stores. Unlike Poshh., neither will be bringing its own punctuation. American Apparel seems to be the equivalent of fair-trade clothing, the website boasts that it is made in downtown L.A., is sweatshop free, and is brand free. This is starting to sound like the Emperor's New Clothes.
As for Cool Waves, it is a local-to-Michigan chain started in Traverse City and its claim to fame is that it'll only stock "6 to 12" of any given item. If I had septuplets, I'd definitely shop there and dress them all alike.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Coming Soon:
Pottery Barn, Briarwood Mall

According to the Michigan Business Review, Pottery Barn is set to arrive at the Briarwood Mall by December of 2005. Finally, our wicker and rattan needs will be met.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

State and Main:
Suwanee Springs Leather, Main Street (between William and Liberty)
Kioti, Main Street (between William and Liberty)
Four Seasons Perfume and Lingerie, Liberty Street (between Division and State)

Due to increased rents around State Street, Suwanee Springs is set to open where Mezzanine used to be at 306 South Main. Kioti has also moved to the same building (it's not clear whether it'll continue to share space with Seychelle or will move in with Suwanee Springs). Four Seasons is going to expand into some of the space left behind on Liberty Street. Fortunately, someone can afford the rent (don't worry, I'm sure Starbucks will buy up the remaining space).