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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Coming Soon:
Unnamed Sushi Restaurant, Ypsilanti (on West Michigan Avenue)

The proprietor of Grizzly Peak (Ann Arbor, on Washington between Ashley and Main) brings to Ypsilanti a new sushi restaurant. Not many details from the article in the Michigan Business Review as of now, just that it will be 2,700 square feet on two floors.

Monday, March 28, 2005

New Openings:
Sweet U Candy Store, South University (between East University and Church)

The blog Rabble, Rabble, Rabble... wants to know what is up with the new candy store opening on South University. Yeah, what is up with that place? The UMich themed place should fit in nicely between Ulrich's Bookstore (not to be confused with Rick's) and the Ulrich's Spirit Shop. Try going into the Spirit Shop and asking to buy some spirits.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Franchise Invasion:
Great Wraps, State Street (between William and Liberty)

You know what's missing on State Street? Another franchise take-out joint. Well, suffer no more with the impending arrival of Great Wraps. The theory being that if you call the wraps great in the name, they will subconciously taste great. Maybe we can change the name of State Street to Great Street and that way when all of the local businesses get buried, it'll still seem like a great place to hang out.

Restaurant Inspections:
Dinersty, Liberty Street (between Fourth and Fifth)

According to the Ann Arbor News, it seems that a truck carrying unsanitary food was stopped by police and one of the destinations that food was headed to was Dinersty. Rather than claiming that the Dinersty staff would have inspected and rejected the unsafe food (which is the claim made by the other restaurants the food was headed to), Dinersty denied that they ever had a contract with the food distributor. Which is strange since their name is listed on the invoice. Did we really need the Ann Arbor News to tell us that Dinersty was sketchy? I think we assume that risk whenever we walk through the door.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Eastern Accents, Fourth Avenue (between Liberty and Washington)

There is a sign out front of Eastern Accents, the Asian bakery, announcing that it is temporarily closed. If anyone has information on how temporary this closing is, please post a comment.

Coming Soon:
Ikea, Canton, MI (at Ford and Haggerty Roads)

The plans are back on to open an Ikea location in Canton, according to the Free Press. A dispute arose three weeks ago over a shared parking lot but the parties have come to an agreement. The 300,000 square foot store "will feature a 300-seat restaurant, 1,100 parking spaces and a supervised children's play area."

Monday, March 07, 2005

Businesses Inside of Other Businesses:
Seattle's Best Coffee (inside of Borders), Liberty Street (between State and Division)

After a few weeks of hanging a tarp where the coffee shop used to be, Borders has opened up their in-store Seattle's Best Coffee shop. It looks fancy and definitely is cheaper than Starbuck's. But doesn't really fill any coffee void in this town. I'm not quite sure there is any void to be filled.